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Techin Entered Into Agreement to Work with BRIDGE Ethiopia.


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Support Education

Support Education (SupEd ) is dedicated to supporting Education through digital technology to achieve equity, equality, and inclusive education for all students in developing countries. Our solution delivers online, offline and integrated approaches to address all schools where there is an internet connection or no internet at all.

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According to UNESCO report more than 60% of youth ages 15 to 17 are out of school and disparity in access to quality of education based on gender, economic status, ethnicity, and disability is prevalent in all countries in the region. Hence our organization strives to address this gap and focus on reaching the rural and marginalized regions with integrated online/offline solutions and affordable digital devices to ensure equal access to quality education.

Support Education

Why Support Education (SupEd)?

7 Years Availability

Global Network of Developers

Pilot Tested and Endorsed

Curriculum Based Resource

One Stop Solution for Education Technology

Offline/Online Digital Library

Techin partners with BRDGE-Ethiopia
Techin partners with BRDGE-Ethiopia

Techin partners with BRDGE-Ethiopia for 5 years. The partnership focuses on topics including Digital Library, Read more..

The CEO of Support Education has made interviews on Ahadu Radio
The CEO of Support Education has made interviews on Ahadu Radio

The CEO of Support Education, made an interview with "keshelf-lay", a program working on technological innovation and research. As an innovativ Read more..

Mulugeta Assefa
Mulugeta Assefa
Prof. Craig Wilson
Prof. Craig Wilson
Yayehyirad Abate
Yayehyirad Abate
Board Member

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Pilot Sites
- Chacha preparatory and high secondary school (Amhara Region)
- Burayou preparatory and high secondary School (Oromia Region)

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