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Higher Primary in the context of Ethiopia

Higher primary includes Grade 7 and 8. The Ethiopian Education system permits regional states to use their own language or English. Though there are regions that use English in these grades, to reach them all the localization issues arise here.

Hence we have collected all curriculum-based resource materials and developing in four languages namely, Amharic, Oromipha, English, Somali, and Tigrigna.  Resources are developed to give the users the language they are using in higher secondary schools.

MOA Signed

UAB Sparkman center and support Education has signed MOA with Ministry of Education Budget and Planning Directorate Director. The MOA includes developing technology assisted resources, based on the Curriculum set by MOE, and reference materials that bridge the digital gap through availing educational content server.

Out of School Students

The research regarding the student that continue their education after grade 8 is only about half of the total. this group is out of school because of different reasons, such as a distance of high school from their village, working for their family income, and marriage are some of them.

This technology assisted way of reaching student to learn anywhere and any time, may reach this part of the community and help them to continue their education at their own pace.

This may need the collaborative effort of MOE, Development Partners and the community.

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