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SparkEd Digital Library

This project was inspired from working on a variety of educational programs in sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade where lack of access to educational resources and poor and/or expensive internet remain challenges. After working with a number of different platforms, we could not find one with flexibility to add local content (which in many cases is extensive and well developed) organized around local curriculum, programs and resources.
SparkEd was designed as an open source resource with a focus on uploading locally developed resources for delivery as a central/library resource but also for delivery of modular/grade level resources on mobile devices.
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SparkEd App

The SparkEd App will help you to browse the content on the device which is available offline and browse through the web-based resource from  the central server which is equipped with different types of resources for different grade levels with very useful references
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SparkEd Tablet Introductory Video

SparkEd Tablet

Tablet for Student and teachers are loaded with complete curriculum content and video tutorial so that student teachers can use them anywhere anytime with out the need for connection or internet. This is also ideal for student in rural area and where there is no access to educational resource. This approach will bring equity and equality in relation to access to digital education resource irrespective of, economic status, gender and other disparity as long us we support them to have them. We work with developmental partners, NGOs, governmental organizations, and local and international investors in the vicinity, to help the student to have such digital devices with digital resource.
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Digital Classroom

Digital Classroom

Technology is a driving force in education, opening up many doors and
preparing students for what lies ahead, not behind. We are providing different
digital tools for classrooms to boost teachers-students interaction.  
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Digital Classroom Tools

Digital Board = (SmartBoard + More…)

• Project content to the central white/black board and it becomes a interactive Smart board.
• Write using any material on the left and right side fixed blackboards, No chalk, no dust, no air pollution, no magnetic radiation. It is highly environmental friendly.
• Place any hard copy or picture under the side camera and it is fully projected on the central screen for sharing with your audience. 

Smart Projector

Projects any content onto any smooth surface and it becomes a smart and interactive surface that you can touch write on or project any multimedia content. 

Teachers’ Laptops

In the digital classroom, the teacher needs to have a laptop installed with subject content, and supplementary materials to help to digitally present subject content. 

Charging Compartment

This is a classroom level charging box that is used to charge up to 30 tablets at a time

Classroom Management Software

This software is used in the classroom to the level of remotely controlling and managing student tablets use 100%. Using this software, teachers can share student screens, share real time content, etc. 

Solar Charger

A solar panel option is available for off- grid use as power source for schools with no electricity or with intermittent electric supply. All our devices (used in our solutions) consume low energy and can run on small solar batteries. 



The eGranary Digital Library -- "The Internet in a Box" -- is an off-line information store that provides instant access to over 35 million digital resources for those lacking adequate Internet connections.
Through a process of copying web sites (with permission) and putting them on the internal networks of our partner institutions, the eGranary delivers instant access to a wide variety of educational resources including video, audio, books, journals, and websites.
A single eGranary, connected to a wired or wireless local area network (LAN), can serve thousands of patrons.
The eGranary comes in three form factors: a full-sized eGranary server optimized for rugged conditions; a 12-volt server than can be run on battery or solar power; and a stand-alone USB drive that turns any Windows computer into a server.
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SparkEd Educational Server

SparkEd Onsite

This is an educational content server with long wireless coverage enough for any school. It offers high volume of digital content thereby creating a community of users.

SparkEd Server Pro
The pro server is configured to serve schools with about 2000 students. It contains all curricular text books, video tutorials, reference materials in different formats (video, PDF, web page, simulations, audio books, Solar Charger and more.) 
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