Digitalization of Resource for Education
Digitalization of Resource for Education

The initiative to solve the existing problem of the Ethiopian school curriculum based resources, such as textbooks distribution, video tutorials through television and reference book problem in most of the schools in the country is taken To solve these problems.
We developed the digital educational server for the whole high school and preparatory college, that has all textbooks, video tutorials, and reference books.
A tablet with grade resources (textbooks and video tutorials) full loaded so as to use them anywhere any time without the need for connection.
A wireless network that needs to bridge the resource in the server, which will be installed in the school to the tablet. 
In the same way, a course based library system is developed for Universities in Ethiopia.

የመጀመሪያ ክፍል መሰረታዊ የፊደል እና ቃላት መማሪያ አፕሊኬሽን

Speed School

Speed school is initiated by Geneva Global. this initiative is piloted and currently implemented in different regions. the workshop made in Debre Zeit has proved its importance if adopted. based on this initiative we are working in assisting the SS with technology. After participating in a workshop, organized by Ministry of Education and Jeneva Global, at Bishoftu Pyramid Hotel on June 11/2018, we have discussed with a concerned body on how to support the speed school through technology-assisted Education program which is introduced by support education. The discussion and the way forward is to be continued with Geneva Global and organizations working in similar projects.

Tena Adult Basic Health literacy Application

Adult Education

Adult education is a practice in which adults engage in systematic and sustained self-educating activities in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values.
As both adult Education and lifelong learning are a key to the economic and social development of the community, we are developing technology-assisted learning environment through our offline library system to be implemented in CLC (community learning Center)

Girls Can Code

This project was fully funded by the US Embassy public affair office. After having interned into an agreement, we have selected 100 girls student of grade 11 from 10 public schools. 10 student from each school in Addis Ababa, set for filtering examination and interviewed, out of which 4 were selected from Each school. Hence this project was started with 40 girls, as its first of its kind of project in the country, or maybe in our region. The aim of the GCC project was intended to address girls to girls so that girls mentors from University will assist girl students from high school to promote STEM.


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Pilot Sites
- Chacha preparatory and high secondary school (Amhara Region)
- Burayou preparatory and high secondary School (Oromia Region)

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