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Digital Classroom

-Digital class room is designed to make the classroom complete digital, which includes, student tablet, teachers Tablet/laptop, interactive display/board, with charging compartment for tablet. In this setting, teachers can display contents, write on environmental friendly interactive display, and create tutorial from any activity he/she make in the classroom and save into hard drive/memory for later use. This solution can help schools to develop there own tutorials that could be used for later use in other class or use for online learning.

Sparked Tablets

Tablet for Student and teachers are loaded with complete curriculum content and video tutorial so that student teachers can use them anywhere anytime with out ned for connection or internet. This is also ideal for student in rural area and where there is no access to educational resource. This approach will bring equity and equality in relation to access to digital education resource irrespective of, economic status, gender and other disparity as long us we support them to have them. We work with developmental parters, NGOs, governmental organizations, and local and international investors in the vicinity, to help the student to have such digital devices with digital resource. Individuals or organizations interested to work in this area can contact us for more information. Contact.



"The Internet in a Box" --is an off-line information store that provides instant access to over 35 million digital resources for those lacking adequate Internet connections. The eGranary comes in three form factors: a full-sized eGranary server optimized for rugged conditions; a 12-volt server that can be run on battery or solar power; and a stand-alone USB drive that turns any Windows computer into a server. The eGranary Digital Library includes a built-in proxy and search engine that emulates the Internet experience. It has a catalog with over 50,000 professionally organized items. As well, it hosts a bevy of services, like Moodle (course management software), WordPress, PHP, and MySQL. It also includes built-in tools that allow subscribers to easily create and edit unlimited websites as well as upload local materials

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