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Ethiopian General Education program

The initiative to solve the existing problem of the Ethiopian school curriculum based resources, such as textbooks distribution, video tutorials through television and reference book problem in most of the schools in the country is taken

Grade 7 and 8 digital resource development

Higher primary includes Grade 7 and 8. The Ethiopian Education system permits regional states to use their own language or English. Though there are regions that use English in these grades, to reach them all the localization issues arise here.

Girls can code

Project with US Embassy and the widernet. This project was fully funded by the US Embassy public affair office. After having interned into an agreement, we have selected 100 girls student of grade 11 from 10 public schools.

Adult Education

Adult education is a practice in which adults engage in systematic and sustained self-educating activities in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values.

Speed Education

Speed school is initiated by Geneva Global. this initiative is piloted and currently implemented in different regions. the workshop made in Debre Zeit has proved its importance if adopted. based on this initiative we are working in assisting the SS with technology


our partner says

We believe that this project supplements the effort made by the MOE for some time in last years, in the improvement of quality of education especially through implementing the technology. This project helps in reaching schools in this regard. Based on the evaluation result of the two pilot sites, we consider this technology to be introduced to all schools in the country through MOE leading roll, in organizing all stakeholders. I want to thank you all stakeholders and regional bureau and schools who participated in these efforts

Mr Elias Girma Ministry of Education, Ethiopia

It is time for technology. There are different alternatives, but too expensive to reach all within a short time. As we all know we have many students, they are in millions. But this is one of the better alternatives and I advise the beneficiaries to use this solution effectively.

Mr.Nigussie Beyene Head MInister Bureau, Ministry of Education, Ethiopia
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