Online Education for Migrants

SupEd is designing and collaborating with key partners to provide online education to migrants and immigrants. This effort is to assist huge number of school age girls and boys who fled their countries and live in camps or elsewhere in East African countries, without any access to education. Beyond that, language, digital literacy and IT competence skill, TVET and other courses are designed to for adults, so that they can be easily integrated in the society where they reside as well as find job opportunities.

Digital literacy and IT Competency

21st century has begun with digital transformation in spheres of human activity. However, digital literacy and IT competency skills have not been widely spread as it should be. The digital literacy project SupEd envisaged to implement ranges training for public servants to empowering graduates with IT competency skill to increase their employability in the labor market.


Support Education is proud to announce our new product, THRASS ONLINE. THRASS is an innovative International English training program that helps learners of all ages master the building blocks of English and become good Hand writers, Speakers, Readers, and Spellers of the English language. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, THRASS training can now be taken online supported by THRASS Trained teachers. Successful candidates will be awarded the THRASS (UK).


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Pilot Sites
- Chacha preparatory and high secondary school (Amhara Region)
- Burayou preparatory and high secondary School (Oromia Region)

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