Techin partners with BRDGE-Ethiopia
Techin partners with BRDGE-Ethiopia

Techin partners with BRDGE-Ethiopia for 5 years. The partnership focuses on topics including Digital Library, National and International Conferences, Workshops, Symposium, and Printing.  Muluken Kere put his Signature representing Techin while Mulugeta Assefa represented BRDGE-Ethiopia.  Dr. Berhanu Beyene (Director of BRDGE-Ethiopia) said: "In Order to fill the gap in the Education Center, Companies should work together, focus on these gaps, and taking responsibility for filling the gaps in Training or Materials." The Director added "BRDGE-Ethiopia has been working on the Educational Section for 17 years in digitalizing the traditional way of teaching. We Planned to work on this more with Techin." Muluken Kere (Director of Techin) thanked BRDGE-Ethiopia by saying: "Thank You for supporting the Ethiopian Education System instead of criticizing it." He Added that Techin has been working with several institutes to fill gaps. He emphasized getting to work as soon as possible to fill the gap in the availability of Education in Ethiopia.  


Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City,
W-12 NL_12_4835 Av.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Phones: +251 911 62 26 90
            +251 939 66 63 47

Pilot Sites
- Chacha preparatory and high secondary school (Amhara Region)
- Burayou preparatory and high secondary School (Oromia Region)

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